The First Floor
Open-Air Spring Pool

One can get to overlook the natural ledges and lush forests of Jinshan cape.

The spring water flows from the mountain to the pool,
which makes our open-air pool attractive and full of fun.

The Cold Spring Spa

Our cold spring gushes from the mountain, so the water is very pure and refreshing. Accompanied by the open air swimming pool nearby, the cold spring spa is also near to hot spring pool and bubbling spa for customers to choose from. We always have a wide range of options available to our customers, so we strongly believe that our spa facility will be adored by people of any age.

Rate (Prices in NTD)

Mon - Fri Adult $ 330 / Children $ 200 / 3 hours

Sat - Sun Adult $ 380 / Children $ 270 / 3 hours

*Official holiday hours will be announced only by Personnel Administration